Wow Wow Wow is a Japanese style restaurant located in Unit 1, Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. As a premiere Japanese restaurant, their food menu is guaranteed with a hundred percent commitment to serve only the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest food that would suit the appetite of their customers. To this day, they have nearly around two decades of experience in making authentic and quality Japanese food.

All of the foods at Wow Wow Wow are freshly made and well-packaged everyday. It is the strict policy of the restaurant that any unsold packaged food be given away or totally disposed of at the close of the trading day. After spending several years in sales & customer services industry, the restaurant truly believes that only a hundred percent satisfied employee would provide a hundred percent customer satisfaction, which is why Wow Wow Wow is among the most customer-friendly diners in New Zealand.

It is also the policy of Wow Wow Wow that if a customer is not satisfied with any purchase from any of their branches, they will either replace the items or give a full refund without any questions asked. The restaurant picks the top quality ingredients in making their food, selects the most reliable suppliers in stabilizing their resources, and chooses friendly staff in strengthening their customer services. Their delivery areas include Mt. Eden, Eden Terrace, Grafton, Newton, Grey Lynn, and Auckland CBD.

The Wow Wow Wow menu include:

Wow Bento - Chick Clooney, Beef Beckham, Seafood Sylvester, Vege Valentino, Katsu Kingkong, and Wuper Wombo.

Wow Kids Combo - Kids Kiyosaki

Wow Sushi Rolls - Chick Clooney (4 pieces & 8 pieces), Beef Beckham (4 pieces & 8 pieces), Vege Viola (4 pieces & 8 pieces), California Chan (4 pieces & 8 pieces), Crab Crawford (4 pieces & 8 pieces), Salmon Salmon (4 pieces & 8 pieces), ChicMon Cinderella (8 pieces), Tuna Tina (4 pieces & 8 pieces), Wall in Wonderwall (10 pieces), and Wege Wonderland (10 pieces).

Wow Inari - TunaWeed Turner, SeaweetCorn Singh, SeafoodCorn Seinfeld, and SeafooTuna Sebastian.

Wow Nigiri - Salmon Fire Salmon, Salmon Salmon, Prawn Pacino, Egg Eastwood, and AvoPum Asano.

Wow Donburi - Chick Clooney, Beef Beckham, and Salmon Sax.

Wow Snacks - Spring Roll Segal, CrabNug Cheung, Karaage Kim, Edamame East, Seawelad Santiago, PrawnBat Perry, and Yakisoba Yim.

Wow Salads - Tofu Taratino, Prawn Phelps, Salmon Salmon, Green Gandhi, and Chick Clooney.

Wow Drinks - Miso Murakami (Hot)